Management Of Mental Disorders Caused By Drug Abuse And Addiction

Management Of Mental Disorders Caused By Drug Abuse And Addiction

Many individuals who suffer from drug addiction are left untreated because the root of the problem hasn’t been determined. More common than not, drug addiction patients have underlying psychological or mental disorder coupled with the abuse. Several theories have been given regarding the relationship between the two problems; mental disorder and drug addiction. Some of them suggest that mental disorders are the cause of substance abuse.

Depression and anxiety are common conditions that lead a person to drug use and then abuse. Some researchers oppose this idea stating that the drug abuse and addiction are the cause to which makes a person have mental disorders. Both theories have reliable basis but to decide which is right between them is wrong. The possibility of both theories to occur holds true and indeed is happening to people.

Dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorders)

The condition wherein an individual suffers from a mental illness, and at the same time drug addiction is called dual diagnosis. It’s also referred as co-occurring disorders. The term itself gives us a description of the problem, both the mental illness and drug abuse are present. Whichever comes first, the condition or the addiction, both requires treatment and the target cure is for both illnesses.

Assessment of the patient is essential prior to any treatment. Sometimes, answers to assessment questions don’t signify which illness came first. To be able to differentiate pre-existing mental conditions from substance-induced mental conditions, constant monitoring of the treatment progress needs to be done.


Drug treatment program

It uses consistent monitoring to discover the root of the patient’s problem. Mental disorders caused by drug addiction fades away after prolonged abstinence of the medication. As the effects of the medication lower down through detoxification, the presence of mental illness also disappears after abstinence. This helps determine future treatment sessions since mental sickness has been ruled out. Some rehabilitation centers don’t accept patients with severe psychiatric disorders due to lack of expertise in specific fields, and some psychiatric treatment facilities do not have enough background on substance abuse treatment.

Effective treatment

When unsure about the state of addiction of a patient, it’s best to learn more on help for dual diagnosis. The key to effective treatment lies on deeper understanding and evaluation of the problem. Co-occurring disorders are commonly mistaken for ordinary cases of addiction. As assessment and evaluation become profound, targeting both the addiction and the illness help save the lives of these patients.

Final thoughts

hdhd74Drug addiction can greatly affect one’s life. In some cases, it is extremely difficult to start a new life. For instance, if a user is trying to look for employment, he or she is most likely to fail because most companies nowadays require drug testing. Visit and learn how synthetic urine work. You can also take a look at for more info.

Best Foods That Help Your Skin Remain Healthier

Best Foods That Help Your Skin Remain Healthier

Your underlying health is greatly determined by your skin. Some of the key ways of creating a better-looking skin are through eating a healthy nutrition, reducing stress and having enough sleep. Staying hydrated also assists you in maintaining healthy skin. This can be achieved by eating foods rich in water content.

Here are the foods that help your skin remain healthier


fwedjrg53yerSplurge on strawberries during the summer. Does this help? Most people know strawberries by their deliciousness but forgot that it contain a high percentage of water. Both blackberries and blueberries contain the highest level of water. To keep your body hydrated, strawberry ice cubes counts a fantastic idea. They are known by providing folate, both vitamin C and B. They are essential for the growth of new cells. Try them know and see special changes to your skin. Vitamin C acts as an anti-aging agent. It also assists in fighting free radicals which cause damages to cells. It’s necessary for the breakdown of collagen. This results in a smoother healthy skin. It is recommended that you get organic strawberries. According to researchers, Organic strawberries are more flavorful and nutritious than non-organic.

Green tea

Rather than relaxing you, drinking a green tea have more benefits to your skin. Green tea was initially used for a medicinal purpose to cure many diseases from a headache to depression. The inflammation-fitting antioxidants are available in green tea. According to health experts, drinking tea reduces the risks of skin cancer attack. Adding juice of squeezed citrus to your tea is an added advantage. The antioxidants are boosted to benefit your body for a long time. Phytochemicals, folate, amino acids, potassium, and magnesium are also available in tea.


ew3g4r4hetdetPumpkins that contain an orange hue are rich in carotenoids. This plant helps to neutralize free radicals available in the skin. It normally keeps these radicals off from damaging skin cells. It also assists in fighting wrinkles on the skin. Vitamin A, C, and E that are available in pumpkins are powerful enzymes that help to cleanse the skin. Antioxidants for skin-saving are found in the pumpkins pulp. Production of collagen in your body is stimulated by eating foods rich in Vitamin C. This improves the skin elasticity and tone. Pumpkins are also rich in minerals such as zinc and copper. These minerals play an important part in maintaining healthy skin. Folate available in pumpkins raises the rate of cell renewal.

All of the above are some foods that help your skin remain healthier for a long time. All of these foods are nutritious and naturally available. Natural foods are the most important in maintaining your beauty. Try them and you will never be disappointed.