Weight Loss

Weight loss may be simple upfront. After all, it is governed by elementary principles such as “you burn what you take in”. However, the body works in a very complicated manner which is, as of yet, still not understood. And hidden behind its complexities are reasons why you are not losing weight despite regular exercise and well-planned dieting. Here are some of them:

1. Water retention- one reason why you are not losing weight

Excess weight is sometimes fluid-related. There are occasions when the body tends to have a messed up “water system” which turns tissues into repositories of excess fluids, thereby leading to excess weight. This can be resolved by regulating water intake and by limiting sodium in your diet.

2. Too much soda or alcohol consumption

45htehwgj494weAlcohol upsets metabolism and soda aggravate the bones. On top of these, these have high-calorie content and very low nutritive value. So if you are fond of drinking these stuff, your body is probably working overtime to burn the calories you get from them while storing the calories you get from healthy meals as fats.

3. Lack of exercise or poor choices of workout routines

Exercising alone is not enough to help you lose weight. You must also be discriminative of your choices of workouts. Also, you must have enough exercise throughout the week to recompense your slow metabolism or the amount of energy you get from food.

4. Slow metabolism or reduced metabolism

Metabolism plays a very vital role in a number of calories you burn beyond the workout. People with extra fast metabolism tend not to pack up fats while those with very sluggish metabolism tend to become overweight. To improve on this part, you must eat metabolism-boosting foods and be more active.

5. Skipping your meals

The immediate effects of skipping your meals are the experience of hunger, starvation mode and lowering blood sugar. The less immediate effects occur a few days after you skipped meals. At this period, you will feel stronger hunger pangs and uncontrolled desire to eat, thereby sabotaging your well-conceived plans to lose weight.

6. Being inconsistent with your workouts

egt34retij4h3rIf you exercise once a week or every other week, the workouts won’t accumulate into results. If you are going to go for it, really go for it! If you have problems with motivation or sticking with a time to exercise, hire a personal trainer. Having an appointment booked with a trainer will guarantee that you will work out hard and frequent enough and to lose weight. You will see results in no time!